How To Wear Lace Frontals

  • The front lace wig is popular because of its most natural appearance. The mesh design on the front imitates the natural hairline. Lace hair is hand sewn and further thickened in the front lace wig to best reproduce real hair. The existence of lace allows you to try low and high points. In this article, we will explain how to insert the front lace wig correctly.

    Get ready to wear a wig

    1. Skin test

    Cover the lace front wig with special glue or wig tape to make the wig fit the head as much as possible. It's worth an allergy test before the adhesive is added to the scalp. This ensures that the tape or glue does not sensitize us or cause irritation. Apply a small amount of glue or tape to the back of your hand. If there is no visible red form of allergic reaction in a given place within the next 24 hours, the product is safe for us. There are anti allergy tapes and adhesives in the store, which are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

    2. Smooth your natural hair

    In order to make the front lace wig look natural, our hair should be as flat as possible. Short hair is enough to comb and smooth it with gel and hair clips. If our strands are curly or very wavy, it's worth considering braiding them into flat braids that cling to the scalp. First, tie your long hair into a low ponytail, then wrap it in a loose bun and pin it down for stability.

    3. Put on the wig cap

    The next step is to put a special wig cap on your hair, usually a thin and flexible net. This is to further flatten the hair and prevent it from getting tangled. Hats must be careful to hide our hair, including the hair on the nape of the neck. If you are smoothing your hair and applying gelatin or varnish to your hair, wait until your hair is completely dry. If your natural hair is very short and straight, you can safely skip this step. We always attach two hats to each wig.

    4. Clean the skin

    Before wearing the front lace wig, make sure the skin in the forehead area is free of sebum. After washing your face with any preparation you use every day, use a cotton pad or cotton pad to clean the hairline area with alcohol. If your skin is highly sensitive, many wig shops offer special hypoallergenic products.


    How to wear front lace wig?

    1. Check whether the wig fits

    Before using glue or tape, please check whether the wig fits our head circumference. To do this, put the wig on your head, tighten it carefully and use the strap inside to adjust it. At present, most products on the market allow circuit self-regulation, which is a great help. When moving the head, don't move the front lace wig, and don't be too tight.

    2. Trim the lace

    Once we're sure the front lace wig fits, it's time to trim the lace. The length and shape of the mesh should match our natural hairline. If we doubt whether we can do it, it's worth looking for a professional and qualified hairstylist to do it. For this reason, the use of sharp scissors is very important to prevent lace wear. Tailor's scissors are best for this.

    3. Apply glue or tape

    When the lace front wig is ready, we can take it off and continue to apply glue or tape. This is still the last moment of possible circuit correction using the ribbon. If you decide to use wig tape, it's best to prepare about 6-10 pieces. Stick the pieces along the hairline so they don't protrude out of the wig and don't get too deep. The elements of the tape should be as close to each other as possible so that there is no loose gap anywhere when wearing the wig. It's best to do it near the mirror, so that the tape will stick symmetrically. By making sure the tape is firmly attached to the skin, we can remove the protection of the product and expose another part of it.

    When using glue, evenly apply a thin layer along the hairline. It is best to use small and accurate cosmetic brushes, such as eye shadow. Before using glue, read the instructions for how long it takes to wear a wig. Soft adhesives take time to partially dry, because only in this way will they become sticky. By using hard glue, the wig can be put on immediately.

    4. Put on a wig

    Apply a lace front wig and carefully match all its edges. First adjust the back and just pull the wig to the front until it covers the hairline. When you're sure you're ready, connect the front lace to the tape or glue you've previously pasted. We recommend that you make sure your wig fits properly, as it is difficult to remove the mesh once it is attached to the sticky product.

    5. Shape your wig

    After wearing the front lace wig, you can start modeling. Remember to comb carefully, don't tear off a single hair. When using accessories such as Cufflinks or rubber bands, you should be careful not to entangle the delicate belt. The lace front wig made of natural and synthetic hair can be heated and shaped. If your wig has wavy or curly hair and you like straight hair, you should use a straightener.


    How to take off the front lace wig?

    The most important rule - never lace! Attempting to forcibly remove the mesh from the glue or tape may cause irreparable damage to the product. Before removing the lace wig, it is best to use the special liquid or baby oil to dissolve the wig gel, which is also a safe solution. Do not use soluble products for other purposes as you may dissolve synthetic lace fibers. After a few minutes of rubbing, the glue will release and we can safely remove the wig.