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Animal Crossing Shamrock Day, Daeboreum, Labor Day and More - Blog View - Pediateach

Animal Crossing Shamrock Day, Daeboreum, Labor Day and More

  • ACNH hasn't been updated for some time. If you feel bored, let's take a look at the events that have been held in the previous Animal Crossing series. What AC items and characters are related to them. You can also visit the Animal Crossing forums on Reddit, such as the AnimalCrossing.

    Shamrock Day
    On the 17th of March, Shamrock Day is an event held in Animal Crossing New Leaf. The player will speak with Isabelle on this day to obtain the Shamrock Hat. Whether or not the player has the Beautiful Town Ordinance in play or not, they can find several clovers spread throughout their town following this holiday. It is not considered that clovers are weeds. The word "shamrock" is used in the Animal Crossing series rather than "St. Patrick's." The villagers will compliment the fact that they celebrate the holiday after the player has earned the Shamrock Hat. They're just going to say this once when they're wearing their hat. Isabelle will appear in front of the Town Hall instead of the Plaza if the fishing tournament falls on Shamrock Day and she will comment on it, saying that she "hopes people will still pay attention to Shamrock Day"

    Daeboreum is an occurrence that takes place in February or March at Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Only in Korean cities does it appear. Isabelle appears in the Event Plaza during the event and, if spoken to, will give the player a bureau. If Daeboreum coincides with a Fishing Tourney, Isabelle appears outside Town Hall instead, as the plaza is filled by Chip; but, in the plaza, the standee still appears. Daeboreum takes place on the day of the first full moon of the lunar new year, which coincides with the date of the holiday of the same name in the real world.

    Labor Day
    Labor Day is a phenomenon exclusive to North America that takes place on the first Monday of September every year. Isabelle will be standing by a cutout stand of three people at the event plaza, enjoying a barbecue and playing what appears to be badminton. To mark the occasion, she will provide the player with a picnic basket. Labor Day in the United States is a development of the labor movement and is dedicated to the contributions of American workers in social and economic terms. This establishes an annual national tribute to the contributions that workers have made to their country's strength, prosperity, and well-being. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of the summer for the majority of Americans. In addition to Black Friday, the weekend before Labor Day has become an important sales weekend for many retailers in the United States, perhaps even the biggest sales date of the year. Ironically, because of the importance of the weekend on Labor Day, retail workers typically work longer hours on Labor Day.

    Graduation Day
    Graduation Day is a holiday in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ that is only present. The player's villagers celebrate all of the hard work and success that the player(s) has made so far in the game on Graduation Day. If the player talks to Tortimer, he will introduce the Animal Crossing model of the Able Sisters Tailor Shop to the player.