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Is the Batmobile Good in Rocket League? - Blog View - Pediateach

Is the Batmobile Good in Rocket League?

  • One of the available DLC cars in the Rocket League is the Batmobile. In Patch 1.15, it was included. The Battle-Car was known as Batmobile before the Tournaments Beta, but this name was changed on March 5, 2018 due to another Batmobile available. 

    Thanks in large part to its consistent hitbox, extra height for edging out 50-50s, and the rewarding smack it gives when knocking in shots, the vast majority of pro Rocket League players use the Octane battle-car. To someone who has ever watched the RLCS or other high-level competition or even played in ranked matches, that shouldn't be a surprise.

    Occasionally, you can see other pro-play Rocket League cars, and there is one with some serious devotees: the Batmobile. The Batmobile is loved by certain players for its long, flat hitbox, its aerial dribbling capabilities, and the extra punch it delivers when sending in shots, based on the version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. FlipSid3 Tactics' Francesco "Kuxir97" Cinquemani and Victor "Fairy Peak" Locquet from Renault Sport Team Vitality are two of the best-known and most prolific Batmobile users in the game, and they are both known as mechanical masters.

    Today, almost two years to the date after the release of the original, on March 5, Psyonix will triple the number of Batmobiles in Rocket League by adding two more in a premium pack: the '89 Batmobile from the Batman movie by Michael Keaton, and the larger Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises by Christian Bale. But these are not just reskinned editions, each using a separate hitbox, offering three genuinely distinct Batmobile options.

    Are existing pro players going to warm up to these new superhero rides? Here's a look at what, along with insight from two top Batmobile users, each new Batmobile brings to the table. Visually, not too far away from the edition that is already in the game is the classic '89 Batmobile. It's long and flat, but as in the Batman vs. Superman version, the wheels are not exposed.

    But there is a key difference: the '89 Batmobile uses the same hitbox as the Dominus car, while its own distinctive hitbox is used by the existing Batmobile. Both are flat vehicles, but between them there are minor alterations. In addition, how the hitbox corresponds to the actual look of the car can seriously affect how it is used by the player.

    The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler, on the other hand, is a new kind of beast for the Rocket League. It looks almost like a tiny tank, with a structure that slopes upwards towards the rear and has small wheels on the front and larger wheels on the back. Curiously, this Batmobile, despite looking very different, will use the same hitbox as the Octane. The Tumbler just doesn't match his idea of what a Batmobile should look like with exceL player Kasper "Pwndx" Neilsen. "The Tumbler looks pretty odd, I think," he admits. "It's supposed to be somewhat flat when I think of the Batmobile, like the current one in the game is. Because it's not far from looking like the current Batmobile, the 89 is more acceptable to me.

    On the surface, for long-time Batmobile users, both cars could offer a nice visual shift, especially since the existing Batmobile can not be customized with decals, toppers, and the like. But it shouldn't be easy for players who have logged thousands of hours with one car to make a seamless move to something else given the hitbox changes.