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Rocket League Tips Help You Make Shots and Saves - Blog View - Pediateach

Rocket League Tips Help You Make Shots and Saves

  • Rocket League is a cooperative PC game that is simplistic, but deceptively profound, competitive. The gaudy RC vehicles, dumb jet packs, and foolish aerial acrobatics will give the impression to any spectator that the Rocket League is childish or casual. Whenever you hop into an online lobby, you might need some major Rocket League tips to consider. By all way, this isn't a reference. The difference in ability and experience between a beginner to Rocket League and a seasoned pro is just too broad to cross with only a few pointers. Rocket League is less like a soccer game with RC vehicles, wheels, other Rocket League items and more like an RC-shaped team-based billiard game. The shot trajectory is dramatically influenced by everything, from the angle you hit the ball to the surface of the vehicle you touch with. It is integral to playing the game to drive your car and learn how to strike the ball, and the in-game tutorials just teach you the basics. The prowess of the Rocket League comes from practice, but it can be overwhelming to find out where to begin. There are things that you can keep in mind when jumping into a match, or if you get the chance, practice during your games. Be careful when it comes to the Rocket League, and always be prepared to learn, because there is a lot to take in. With a little practice, you'll be able to pull off spectacular ball clearing saves and trick shots in no time.

    For casual play, Rocket League's default control scheme is sufficient. There is a dedicated role for each press, whether it is targeting the ball, accelerating, reversing, boosting, powersliding, or jumping. However, there are a few nagging issues with the default controls that could prevent you from performing more specific actions during a match.

    For instance, boosting and jumping are mapped to the Circle and X buttons on a PlayStation 4 ($369.99 at GameStop) controller or to the A and B buttons on an Xbox ($755.00 at Amazon) controller with the default controls. This means that you have to use your thumb to input either command, which can give you slightly less accuracy than the left and right bumpers to tell if these actions were mapped.

    This is one of those ideas that you can find out for yourself. You can find several online comments of players discussing their favorite version of the controller, but ultimately it comes down to what you are comfortable using.

    As mundane as this tip can sound, you can dramatically alter how you play the game by futzing with the camera. The default camera does a solid job of displaying the action in front of you, but there are many important camera configurations that can be changed to give you an ideal view.

    You can all change the field of view, height, swivel, angle, stiffness, distance, and camera shake settings to fit your preferences. You may also modify the targeting of the ball to a toggle or hold command. If you like, you can change this on your own, but if you are curious to know what camera settings are used by pro players, with a simple Google search, you can find a few lists pretty quickly.