How to Avoid the Spawning of Tree Branches In ACNH

  • Many of you probably already know if you've been playing less than a week or spawning tree branches every day since the launch of the game, both hardwood and cedar trees, now this happens all over the island of ACNH and running around to collect them is probably one of your daily chores. You will be pleased to see that tree branches will appear directly on the ground when you start your time with Animal Crossing because they are a crafting material that we use to craft stuff including the flimsy tools. However, after a while, you will become frustrated and tired of cleaning up tree branches, particularly if you have a fully developed island with plenty of crafting materials. As a result, some players may want to stop them from spawning.

    Check out this tutorial and we present some easy tricks to avoid the spawning of tree branches in ACNH.
    - The first step to avoid spawning tree branches next to trees on the island of New Horizons is to run around your island as you would normally do and catch every single tree branch you find.
    - You actually drop them somewhere else, and after you've done so, no new tree branches can spawn the next day when you save and play because the game already assumes tree branches have fallen.
    - You can conceal them, and some of the best sites to choose from are available. Perhaps behind buildings or behind the cliffs at the back of your island, where they will be completely concealed and no more random tree branches will spawn around your trees.

    While this is a fairly straightforward procedure, it is worth noting that if a player loses each of the branches they have individually obtained, the trick will only work. This is because the game handles a stack of tree branches as if it were a single branch, and it does not count them more than once against the limit. However, that should not cause too many issues, since there is plenty of room to hide each branch on an ACNH island separately. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about these drop tree branches affecting your island rating because, according to a few other websites reviewed by the Youtuber, naturally occurring objects like tree branches don't count as garbage, so they won't affect your island rating.

    How to Avoid Spawning Stone Fossils In Animal Crossings
    Last but not least, this trick can be used on the regular spawning random stone that appears next to a rock. If you have a beautiful rock garden and don't want that troublesome stone there, simply conceal it among the tree branches. The very same trick can also be used with fossils as well, too. If you're tired of digging up fossils every day or they're getting in the way of your island's design, simply dig them all up and rebury them somewhere concealed, such as behind the cliffs, and no more random fossils can spawn. If you want them to start spawning again every day, simply pick them up, whether they're fossils stones or tree branches.

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