Would you like to be a Pokemon Sword and Shield fan?

  • Since the Pokemon series entered Gameboy in the 90s, it has experienced brilliance and lows, but under the core basic principles, it has been developing and improving. From a major technological upgrade to a major visual overhaul, 8-bit Sprite was abandoned. The gaming experience of AAA-grade glasses is advancing steadily with Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow as the main products.

    However, one avid Pokemon fan is very much interested in your global where the franchise stuck to its roots, with Japanese YouTuber Hayate Keiunji showcasing a version of Pokemon Sword and Shield that produces the style with the series' early outings. According to the creator, these folks were originally paying attention to the Postwick Town backing music once they came up with the concept, deciding these folks were going to recreate the listen-up the kind of the original Game Boy classics.

    It seems the project eventually became something additional because the video showcases both their retro tackle the Postwick backing music with an original story full of locations from Sword and Shield rendered from the franchise's original 8-bit style. The dialogue to the game is within Japanese, However, the YouTuber has provided English subtitles, which may be turned on utilizing the captions setting. The footage ventures to several in the Sword and Shield campaign's opening locations, including Postwick, Monostoke, and Wedgehurst.

    Along with how, the fan-reimagining does a fantastic job of showcasing lots of Sword and Shield's finer details to use retro style, including putting Wooloo about the sides of certain paths and including several main NPCs in city locations. Different from the nostalgic image of Pokemon in the past, Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield released in 2019 has many new faces.

    The 25th anniversary of Pokemon is also coming soon, and the new Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl replicas will also be released this year. Of course, for players who need Buy Shiny Pokemon, don't worry, because the celebration is about to begin. We can get the singing Pikachu in Happy Meals and Sword and Shield. Become a Pokemon Sword and Shield fan while now! In addition, mmoso.com can help you.