Are you certain that the wig you're wearing is made of human ha

  • Now that the market claims that human hair is being sold, how can you tell if it is truly human hair? Human hair is available in a variety of colors and textures. What is the best way for me to purchase my favorite wig? Following that, I'd like to discuss the raw materials used in wig construction. It can be divided into three categories based on the raw materials used: human hair, chemical fiber, and animal hair.

    1. Hair products made from human hair

    In terms of origin, human hair can be divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Burmese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, European hair, and so on. Of these, India's raw material human hair accounts for the largest proportion and is the cheapest, while Russian human hair is the most closely aligned with European and American market requirements for hair quality while remaining relatively inexpensive.

    At the moment, Chinese hair is the most widely used raw material in the wig industry. China has a large population, and its transparent lace wigs is hard and thick in comparison to other countries. After being treated with acid, it can be bleached and dyed, and after being decorated, it can be formed into a variety of shapes.

    Indian hair is softer than other types of hair. It does not have the same straightness as Chinese hair. It has small Wavy Curls throughout. In the aftermath of chemical treatment, it is easy to break, and its plasticity is not very strong.

    European hair: The color of European hair is very similar to the color of hair found in the local consumer market. It is the most expensive raw material available at the moment. Due to the fact that European hair is soft and does not respond well to bleaching, coloring, or post-treatment, it is widely used in hair reception.

    b) Human hair is divided into two types: Remy Human Hair and non-Remy Human Hair. Remy Human Hair is the highest quality available. Straight hair is a term that refers to the braided hair that has been cut from a person's head. The hair scales are oriented in the same direction as the scales of a fish, just as the scales of a fish are oriented in the same direction. In addition, the blister hair scale is disorganized. Because human hair is a more expensive raw material than synthetic hair, human hair wigs are among the most expensive types of best transparent lace front wigsavailable. SHUNFA is a particularly high-priced item.

    As far as wig quality is concerned, we look primarily at the raw materials used, followed by the range, which refers to the length of hair used. For the sake of simplicity, consider the following: if a hair curtain is drawn from top to bottom, thick at the top and thin at the bottom, its range is poor. As a result, different ranges correspond to different grades and therefore different prices. Furthermore, the smoothness and feel of the hair are important considerations.

    Human hair is classified into the following categories:

    Human hair products can be classified into three types: braided hair, normal hair, and foam hair, depending on how they are processed and where the raw materials come from.

    It is the most expensive type of hair material available. It is also referred to as primary braided hair, virgin hair, scaly hair, and virgin braided hair. The scales of the hair itself are retained, and the tail is not reversed.

    Remy's hair roots and roots are not oriented in an upside-down manner.

    When you comb your hair, the hair with roots falls out. The order of the roots and ends is erratic in nature. It must be treated with acid before it can be used. The quality of the hair is generally soft, and the service life is relatively short (less than a year).
    File distribution is a term that refers to the amount of long hair present in the handle.
    Blister hair and normal hair are two types of hair.
    From the standpoint of raw materials, human hair products can be divided into two categories: braided hair and foamed hair. Due to the high cost of braided hair, human hair products are now primarily made of foamed hair as opposed to natural hair. With the advancement of modern technology, there is no discernible difference between the two types of hair in terms of appearance; however, the handling of the two types of hair is vastly different.

    There is no scale in the blister as a result of the excessive acid treatment applied bob wigs for black women. Despite the fact that it appears smooth, it significantly reduces the amount of time spent using it. The scale is a protective layer that protects the hair from damage. However, if the root is inverted, this can be avoided to a significant degree. The over acid process can remove 80% or even 100% of the scales, but it is not recommended.

    1. Non-remy hair is a type of hair that does not come from a remy source.
    All non-braided hair products fall under the category of foam, which differs significantly from raw materials. Hair eggs, shaving cream, and other ingredients are the primary raw materials used in foam hair products. Hair eggs are the most commonly encountered. Hair eggs are primarily composed of hair that has been combed from the head with hair follicles, but the hair quality is generally of good quality. Of course, there are different types of hard hair quality, which vary depending on the age and country of origin. Indian hair is the softer of the three, while Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair are both slightly harder than Indian hair. The price of raw materials is nearly the same as the price of finished goods, but the price of finished goods is significantly higher. Pure Indian hair cannot be bleached or dyed to a light color because it is naturally dark. For the purpose of making Indian hair, many Indian customers import raw materials from China or Vietnam and add an Indian title to the end product. This is one that needs to be identified with great care.

    The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:
    Because of the advantages of raw materials and the advancement of modern technology, foam products essentially account for the vast majority of the current market. However, after production and processing, it is difficult to distinguish raw materials from the appearance, which makes many new customers unable to control the quality. However, because so many customers are accustomed to this type of hair quality, they are unable to resist its alluring price. If you absolutely must braid your hair in order to serve customers, it will backfire. The production process has accelerated the pace of the industry, allowing more customers to afford to wear wigs on a regular basis. However, at the same time, it serves to increase the level of competition. There are always a number of cold spots in the competition among industries, so I won't go into them in this article.

    2. Remy hair: Virgin hair, Remy virgin hair, and Remy virgin hair
    The root of the hair is, as the name implies, the root of the hair. The hair is only a sliver of the entire head of hair. The braid has been severed. The head and tail are not in the wrong position. This is the most suitable raw material for the production of Brazilian human hair bob wigs. The hair is elastic, and the identification method is similar to that of natural color without dyeing; the root is black, the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split; and the hair is black. Additionally, the dyed one is more elastic.

    3. Put an end to the hair
    The products, which are classified as fast-moving consumer goods in the fashion industry, have the following characteristics:

    1. For visual fashion products; Clothing has long been used not only to keep the body warm in cold weather, but also to meet people's aesthetic psychology, shape their personalities, and reflect their unique characteristics. Hair products, in their role as a fashion accessory, are primarily used to meet the spiritual needs of consumers in the areas mentioned above. The consumption feelings of consumers are clearly influenced by the group concept as well as by their public recognition. The type and color of hair products are important considerations when it comes to meeting consumer demand and increasing marketability.

    2. They are daily necessities with a short service life and consumption cycle, as well as a high frequency of use; once consumers develop consumption habits, they will use and consume hair products for a long period of time, frequently and repeatedly; once consumers develop consumption habits, they will use and consume hair products for a long period of time, frequently and repeatedlyDue to rising living standards and the upgrading of spiritual requirements, people are increasingly pursuing more personalized and fashionable consumption experiences. Fashion fast moving consumer goods have risen to become one of the most important daily consumer products, and the market for these goods is growing at an alarming rate.

    Because of the influence of raw material prices on the price of finished goods produced by chunshunfa, there is a significant price disparity between the finished goods produced by chunshunfa and their target prices, resulting in a low level of demand. After all, the wealthy are always a small proportion of the population, limiting the scope of their application. We can only interpret it as a means of providing psychological comfort to customers. If you come across an expert who knows how to wig absolutely and asks for the hair to be smooth, this customer basically decides that it won't take too much time and basically takes the hair curtain and hair handle as the main parts of their wig.