Are you certain that the wig you're wearing is made of human ha

  • Chemical fibers are available in a variety of forms. Natural or synthetic polymer materials are used to create the fiber, which is then processed using chemical or physical techniques.

    The chemical filaments are classified into three categories: Japanese silk, Korean silk, and domestic silk, depending on where they are manufactured.

    According to its high temperature resistance, chemical fiber is divided into two types of filament: high temperature filament and low temperature filament. High-temperature silk is resistant to high temperatures in excess of 170 degrees Celsius, the hair is bright, and the hand feels smooth and comfortable to hold while modeling wholesale wigs. Low-temperature silk brightness, a natural effect, and hair that is thinner and lighter.

    The hybrid products of human hair and chemical fiber, referred to as mixed hair products, combine the durable, lifelike characteristics of human hair products with the non-deformation advantages of chemical fiber products. They are widely used in headwear and hair block products, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

    A. Chemical fibers are classified by country, with domestic silk being the most common, followed by Korean silk and Japanese silk. The hand feel, luster, quality, and durability of a wig are all directly influenced by the type of hair silk that is used. Of course, the prices of these three types of hair are vastly different from one another.

    As the cheapest of the three types of hair, domestic silk is ideal for use in wigs for models or fans.
    b) The price of Hansi is in the middle of the range.
    c) There is no such thing as a free lunch. Japanese silk has the highest price, and the price of Japanese silk of the same grade is more than three times the price of domestic silk, which is suitable for making real person hair factory. Japanese silk is the most expensive type of silk, and the price of Japanese silk of the same grade is more than three times the price of domestic silk, which is suitable for making real person wigs.

    At the moment, the hair produced by the Kanikaran company is widely regarded as the most suitable hair for wig manufacturing. Whether it's the hand or the glossiness, it's extremely close to real hair and appears to be extremely lifelike. The lace wig is precisely used to ensure that the quality of the wig is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

    B. According to the type

    a) Low-temperature wire: This is a type of filling material that is used in the production of human hair curtains. When heated to 80 degrees, the low-temperature silk maintains its original properties. The advantage of low-temperature silk is that it can be used to create some exaggerated and high-supporting modeling while also lowering the cost of raw materials for the hair curtain. The disadvantage of low-temperature wire is that it is composed of flammable material, which after combustion forms a block.

    b) High-temperature wire: High-temperature wire can withstand heating to 200 degrees Fahrenheit without losing its integrity. The advantage of high-temperature wire is that it can be scalded and heated without restriction, and it feels comfortable to touch and wear in its naturally occurring state. For wire lengths of 80cm or more, high-temperature wire is recommended. This wig is easily deformed, and high-temperature wire can be recovered with relative ease, whereas low-temperature wire is more difficult to recover.

    c) Protein silk: This material is the closest in appearance to human hair. It is the closest thing we have to human hair. It is commonly used as a filling material for high-quality wig products, and it has the ability to become flame retardant on its own after being burned. Many countries have clearly stated in their product restrictions that honest hair companymust be flame retardant, and many countries have experienced the tragedy that has resulted from false hair combustion.

    3. The use of animal hair

    The most common types are ox hair, mohair, horse hair, and so on.

    The hand sense of the products made from three different raw materials is vastly different: human hair has the best hand sense of all three. The wig made of human hair is composed of 100% natural human hair that has been processed. It has a high degree of fidelity, is difficult to knot, can be dyed and scalded locally, and it is simple to change hair styles. The trade-off between the high price and the poor quality of the result is not favorable. The second type of fiber is chemical fiber; the chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber and has poor fidelity; after wearing it, there is an itching sensation and it is easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is low, and the setting effect lasts for a long time; however, long-term use of this type of chemical fiber has the effect of inhibiting the metabolism of the scalp, and it is therefore not recommended for long-term use. It was finally the animal hair that did it. Because the same weight of hair curtain animal hair is significantly fluffier than the same weight of human hair and chemical fiber, the next hand feeling is different. Of course, there isn't much of a difference between chemical fiber and animal hair. Animal hair, on the other hand, is a little more expensive than chemical fiber when it comes to cost. Another option is a wig composed of three or two pieces.

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