You aren't even safe if you're"one of these" lmao.

  • I think about it like we were a scattered deck of cards and Animal Crossing New Horizons Items once we finally obtained the pile together and all of the hearts/diamonds/spades/clovers back together so that we can serve as a complete... somebody fucking came together and decided to play 52 card pickup.

    God I despise the entire world lol. These people have really grown up being told that they are right by their circles on the World Wide Web too and just start to embody it real people in jobs today and when the real world doesn't match their Twitter bubble they freak the fuck out

    There is a quote a like but that I do not remember who said it or when sadly and it goes something like"it is easier to convince a man he is being fooled then it is to convince him he's the fool" and I think it's really applicable here

    Basically there's a demographic of people that are mad and perhaps even rather clever (but quite unwise) who when confronted by the reality of their own mistakes and failures rather decide that it is reality that is wrong. Ego is a hell of a drug.Mark twain stated"its easier to fool a guy than to convince him he's been duped." Not certain if that is what you are referring to. Either way it truly is crazy the lengths people will visit rather than own up to a error.

    One of my favourite fucking things is that body positivity was appropriated by fat people who do not want to confront the facts and lose the weight, instead of being used to help people with missing limbs, surgical scars, and skin conditions.Or even: be positive about your body. I don't fucking care. It's likely a more enjoyable way to live than being fat and negative about it and equally not doing something about it (ie. What I'm doing).

    Makes you sound as bad as climate change deniers and horizontal earthers.My favourite part is when they bully individuals that have the audacity to talk about their wellbeing, or any sort of exercise. Apparently it is fatphobic to article about jogging when fat people exist...

    You aren't even safe if you're"one of these" lmao. Like what, it's illegal to catch people who are out of this loop?

    As a dude who has struggled with obesity my whole life, it is not as simple as visiting the gym or eating fewer calories. There is generally some sort of eating disorder underlying it a lot of Animal Crossing Items For Sale people dismiss as"an unhealthy relationship with food"