Oh my guy was dumb in making a choice.

  • I think I watched gloves on the market, but only heard ppl talk about acquiring boots at the match. The boots have to be a drop for the very loyal and blessed ones - I have collected 450 coms and just died once - yup on OSRS gold the tower in mage wear, the more shifters ganged me and oops - I respawn on the landing, but the match was a lose - no things. And foliage - ty much for the urge about the deflector - and I would start with 1000 points?

    I only played the conquest after - yeesh it was too slow and begged the man to kill everyone quickly so I could leave - lol. I understood nothing about the things - to me that the game looked too much like a rip off of chess, but the bits were simply mighty slow in moving and I was not into waiting about to play a game with a different individual that used all their time at chossing a move.

    Oh my guy was dumb in making a choice. No points for phree. I should look at the computer thing - and hope to acquire a 1250 evaluation to earn that deflector so I can stop that pest place and move on. As for SW? A fine mager frees you as you exit - its a struggle to escape the gate. Then if I make it outside? The game stinks and I stand still while everything flows around me - yes my connection is really slow -

    Satellite net is chunky at best, but its all there is besides the dial up. So I am limited in several events that are timed or require to eat fast, run stable - such as vanstrom - I gave up as my web trapped while I watched the nearly ded van kick that the 60% remaining life from me while I franticly clicked sharks which couldn't be eaten. The good news? All my stuffand food was there to be picked up for yet another useless run/ pause to death - lol。 Lag kills.

    So SW is pretty much too fast of Old School RS Gold an event for me to enjoy it but I did get good exp zeal out of it. I played it for awhile until I tired of the freezing mages blocking the way. Dirty cowards freezing a man trying to get out of a gate that is more of a prison than the usual launch area. Thanks a lot for this information - I will gather points out of the pesty game and decide what to do with them. I like your remommends to acquire the deflector and use the 3 bits + the helm to get the boost. Bummer id rather not wear their gloves. There is always a catch to a good thing.