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  • Just 6 months after it was released in September 2020, Dongsen sold over 26 million units worldwide and became a title that converted sales to the Move console.
    In the November 2020 financial report Nintendo's revenue rose unprecedentedly by 243 percent in the first half of the fiscal year, generating fresh performance for this century-old game corporation established in 1889. However, Nintendo was hooked to the excitement of achievement. "I don't expect this condition will continue that long," said Furukawa. In the film business, consumers will quickly be bored if we can't manage to innovate."
    With the aid of "Animal Crossing New Horizons," Switch's revenues have surpassed 68 million units in September 2020. This 2017 gaming system was seriously inaccessible under the outbreak. It has a condition in which a single unit is challenging to locate. It is on the platform of second-hand selling. The transaction price of the new machines grew exponentially, some even met the minimum cost of new machines. https://www.akrpg.com/
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    10/27/21 at 1:10 AM
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