Advantages of using polycarbonate roofing sheets

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Why should you choose polycarbonate roofing panels for your roof? You can check out the advantages of using polycarbonate roof panels on Used from canopies and greenhouses, to astronaut suits, polycarbonate is the most resistant material to scratches and impacts, as well as offering superior elasticity to other plastic materials. Polycarbonate is a carbonic acid polyester, derived from the organic compound bisphenol. The polycarbonate used in the construction of canopies or roofs is compact polycarbonate (PCC). Its processing is simplified, since it can be cold-bent due to its great malleability. It is unbreakable, resistant to atmospheric agents and does not require thermoforming. Transparency. Polycarbonate has a good transparency index of 0.86. It also has less tendency to yellow compared to Plexiglass. Any yellowing due to the passage of time can be resolved with the UV treatment of the sheets, which resist the effects of sun exposure. Resistance. Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance. A 4mm compact polycarbonate sheet withstands an applied force of 200 joules. The load supported by a shelter subjected to rigorous snow load tests can reach up to 170 kg / m². Due to its qualities, in addition to its low weight, it is a material used in the aerospace industry. In addition, according to ASTM E662 standards, polycarbonate has a very low level of toxicity, meeting the toxicity requirements set by airlines, unlike Plexiglas. Polycarbonate is also used as a component of the suits astronauts wear during activities.
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